30 Nov - 2 Dec

Directed by Jeremy Walls

‘Today’s media is like a feral beast, tearing people and reputations to bits’

Tony Blair (when Prime Minister)

‘Feed the Beast or it will bite you’

James Carville, Bill Clinton’s campaign manager

‘Feed the Beast’

By Steve Thompson


Michael Goodlad

(Prime Minister)

Jo East

Clive Weatherley

(Chancellor of the Exchequer)

Phil George

Sally Gaminara (Michael's Chief of Staff)

Marie Hurding

Denise (Party Chairman)

Pat Walls

Chief Steward

René Meissner

Andrea (Michael's wife)

Anne Kindley

Ellie (Micheal’s daughter)

Nina Noss

Robert Cornell (Minister for Culture, Media and Sport)

Dave Bacon

Scott (Press Officer)

Patrick Neylan


(A newspaper executive)

Emily Edmunds

Priscilla Wells

(Minister for Education)

Jo Clent

General Hume

(Chief of the Defence Staff)

Ken Clarke

Curator of Chequers

Kate Harrison


(new Chief of Staff)

Andy Haggerty

The Leader of the House of Commons

Gill Bacon


Philippa Rooke


Production Coordinator

Madeline McCubbin

Stage Manager

Del Alsey

Assistant Director

Nina Noss


Ann Blatcher


Phil George, Rene Meissner, Pat Walls


Cast members

Philippa Rooke

Sound and Lighting

Norman Bailey

Keith Wishart

Set design

Jeremy Walls, Gulay Pereira

Now in rehearsal

Views from the Rehearsal Room

Coming soon

Michael is moving into 10 Downing Street and there will be no charm offensives with this Prime Minister, not with a country to run. There’s no time for lunches with the press while there are children living in poverty. And there’s certainly no time to comment on a minister’s illicit affair while the country needs more nurses.

But when his family’s private life looks set to be the next big story, Michael seeks help from a press secretary who advises ‘Feed the beast before it turns on you.’ Can Michael keep politics centre stage or will he become next the big story himself?


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Box Office:

07816 505 448


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